Who will you reflect, admire and be inspired by this international Women's Day? This year is celebrating GENDER EQUALITY IN EDUCATION I think we can all learn from each other. I have recently been reading 'Wayward Women' and it's so very interesting, women from centuries ago achieving so much when equality was frowned upon. Thank goodness for evolution. This is my list so far of women I admire.  Some I have had the privilege of being trained by, others have shown by example and inspired to reach for my dreams and goals.  One is my Mother.  Look them up and comment on your thoughts and share your list with me on my FaceBook page - Angie's Creative Hairdressing 07876028331 Debbie Gee  -  @DebbieGee Anne Veck  -  @AnneVeck Cecilia Payne Margaret Snow Oprah Winfrey  -  @Oprahwinfrey Jacqueline Du Pre Maya Angelou Beryl Swain Maria Costello Gertrude Bell Lady Anne Blunt Mildred Mary Bruce (The Honourable Mrs Victor Bruce) Mrs H W Cole Alexandra David-Neal Ann Davison Freda Du Faur Mena Benson (Mrs Leonidas Hubbard)   I hope you enjoy researching the feats some of these women achieved and set goals and dreams of your own.  Enjoy.  ...

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