Almost any services can be multi applied with each other to create even more of an unique look for individual clients and a luxurious experience. The choices are almost limitless.
Retail products are available to be able to continue the best regime for your hair type and style. I can prescribe which products are best for you individually and guide you in application.


Anything from the tiniest of ends cut off and up to an inch.



Anything over an inch off as this will change your look, even if you are keeping the same style.



The art of drying hair using the best of products and equipment to achieve hold, shine and the chosen style.



Prior to all tinting applications a skin test has to be carried out 48 hrs before every appointment. I use generic skin tests that can be sent through the post or picked up at a previous appointment.

Permanent. As the name implies, this will stay in the hair until cut out. It might fade due to external factors but only grow out so will need to be regularly topped up by booking in for the roots, to keep the unity of colour. Covers 100% white hair.

Semi-Permanent. This will fade as it grows out so the root growth will not be as prominent as permanent tint. Will not cover 100% white hair so those clients with less white than this an ideal introduction to colouring.

Temporary. Generally says it will lasts “x many washes” but the porosity of the hair will affect this statement.


Virgin Head Application

This is where the hair has no artificial colour present (or the client has never had any colour on their hair).

The best thing about tinting hair is that a multitude of shades can be mixed together to create individual colours for each client, along with so many different techniques.



Techniques can be mixed on the same head, creating an even more individual look. Even choose to have half a head, T section, root melt or colour placement areas.

There really is no limit, as long as your hair is not too compromised (damaged) for application to be successful. Always remember tint can be applied to roots to cover at the same time as partial techniques too.

There are a lot of terms or names out there and are interpreted differently by stylists so always make sure you know what look you are after and show a photo, to make absolutely sure you will end up with what you really want.

Especially as trends change and a new name can be mentioned but it might only have subtle differences to an old name.



Weaves or Slices of hair that is individually lightened by tint or lightener, giving lighter strands through hair.



Weaves or Slices of hair that is individually darkened by tint or lightener, giving darker strands through hair.



Very fine woven lights.



Blending one colour hue into another. Usually from dark to light can be light to dark. A number of techniques can be used to achieve this look depending on length and style.



Translated from this French word meaning ‘sweeping’. Can be an organic, freehand technique to accomplish this look, especially using a sweeping movement with less difference of colour towards the root area.


Colour Placement

This is generally to emphasise a particular area of a style and only needs to be minimal rather than too much or can be dramatic, like emphasising roots as a different shade to the ends. The choice is up to you. A nice surprise area when exposed or a hint of something in movement.


Colour Correction

For when you’ve tried to do your own hair, been in the sun too long and so changed your hair colour beyond recognition or changed your mind from one shade to another.

Some time will be needed to set aside and in some cases more than one appointment might be needed.


Volume and Movement

Permanent waving.


Hair Treatments

Olaplex Treatment. Intensive repair bond fixer for hair that is getting into a compromised state so needs some in-depth TLC. Or start as you mean to go on and have it from the first application. Can be added to tint mixture or as a stand alone treatment.

Framesi Conditioning Treatment. For those times when your hair is crying out for more hydration. I’m very keen on keeping a clients hair in the best condition possible and I know clients are always wowed with the results.

Indian Head Massage. This is a full 60 mins treatment, soft music, switch off from everything, your time. There are contra-indications so please understand if it isn’t suitable to be carried out on you.


Special Occasions

Going somewhere special?

Hair Up. For those special times when you want to go that extra mile and look your absolute best.

Rehearsal. When the occasion requires perfection.

Only week day weddings will be considered, and booking early is recommended.